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Buying Measuring Cups: What You Need to Know

Measuring Cups are really an important tool. It is a must-have tool when trying up a recipe where accuracy is necessary especially while baking. Measuring cups prove to be an essential tool in the kitchen. Buying measuring cups may seem like an easy task but there are a few things which you need to consider before buying measuring cups. 

Types of Measuring Cups on basis of Ingredients 

Measuring cups are classified into two types on the basis of ingredients that are to be measured. They are:

  • Dry Ingredients Measuring Cup
  • Liquid Ingredients Measuring Cup
  • Dry Measuring Cup

Dry measuring cups are being used to measure dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, flavored powder and more. They are being used to measure every ingredient which is needed to be taken precisely for a recipe. Especially for any bakery item to be made, it is very important to use the right type of measuring cup. 

Dry measuring cups usually come in a set. Each cup of the set presents specific measurements like ¼ cup, ½ cup, ¾ cup, 1/3 cup, 1 cup or more. Each set comes with a different combination of measurements. The measurement proves accurate when you take ingredients levelling off till the top of the cup. 

  • Liquid Measuring Cup 

Liquid measuring cups are being used to measure wet ingredients such as water, milk, oil, vinegar and more. Liquid measuring cups are being used to safely transfer the ingredient to the recipe taking accurate measurements without spilling them. A liquid measuring cup holds slightly more than its total measurement capacity.

A liquid measuring cup comes in a single unit. The measurements are marked in cups as ¼ cup, ½ cup, ¾ cup, 1 cup or more. They come in size capacities of 1, 2, 4 or 8 cup sizes. They can be found marked in ounces or metric measurements. It comes with a handle and pitcher-type shape having a spout for easy pouring. 

Common Materials of Measuring Cups 

Measuring Cups come in a variety of materials. The most common materials being used in measuring cups are as follows:  

  • Stainless Steel Measuring Cup

Stainless steel measuring cups are used to measure dry ingredients. Steel doesn’t absorb odours nor does it soak any stains or scratches. So, it is sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. The markings are easily readable which gives accurate measurements. They should be hand-washed for keeping them in reliable condition.      

  • Plastic Measuring Cup

Plastic measuring cups are used to measure dry as well as wet ingredients. Plastic measuring cup being used to measure liquids are usually transparent for seeing the ingredient being measured. They are often dishwasher safe. The best part about having them is they are light in weight. Silicone-made plastic measuring cups are heat resistant.  

  • Glass Measuring Cup  

Glass measuring cups are used to measure wet ingredients. It doesn’t absorb odour but it rarely stains. Glass measuring cups are designed to handle hot liquids too. It is the most convenient one for reading markings. The most convenient thing about it is they are dishwasher as well as oven safe.  

Some things to know about Measuring Cups

  • Dry measuring cups come in a set that can stack inside each other for easy storage.
  • Liquid measuring cups come in a single unit, no sets are available.  
  • Liquid measuring cups should be put up on a flat surface when used.
  • Dry measuring cups may collapse if your kitchen is small when using.
  • A liquid measuring cup may have a lid which proves to be very useful for mixing things.
  • Check out the handle’s sturdiness when purchasing which doesn’t break easily. 


Below are my personal preferences to buy for dry or liquid measuring cups. 

  • AppleTofu 3-piece Plastic Measuring Cup Set 

AppleTofu provides 3 different pieces of plastic measuring cups. Each cup comes in a different measuring capacity which is 1 cup, 2 cups and 4 cups measuring. The best part about it is each plastic measuring cup comes with a sturdy handle and a spout making it easy to spill out ingredients. It can be used for both dry and liquid ingredients both.  

Plastic Measuring Cup

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  • AppleTofu Plastic Pitcher

AppleTofu provides plastic pitchers in different shapes and different capacities. The Plastic Pitcher comes in the best shape that provides the facility to measure and mix up ingredients easily. Its sturdy handle makes it very convenient to use. Especially the funnel shaped pitcher which has a long pour spout makes it easiest to pour out the ingredients. It either comes in a set or a single unit depending upon the shape. They are the best for liquid ingredients.


Measuring cups prove to be a very useful tool in the kitchen. Be it any kind of measuring cup you choose, consider that you need measuring cups for both dry and liquid ingredients in varied measurements. 

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