Cold Process soap making Method Narration

Cold Process soap making Method Narration

Protecting your skin has become a very tuff task in today’s world. Be it dust from the atmosphere or chemicals present in skincare products or toxic particles present in deodorants. Anything or everything you choose has some sort of drawback attached to it. Soap made through the Cold process method is the best alternative for protecting your skin.   

The cold process method is one of the three methods of soap making. Cold process soap making is also termed cold saponification. A short and cute form of cold process soap is called “CP soap”. 

Cold process Soap Making Method

The cold process method starts with the chemical reaction that occurs by mixing fat with a strong base. Fat such as coconut oil, butter, olive oil or palm oil while strong bases such as sodium hydroxide lye for solid soap and potassium hydroxide for liquid soap. This reaction is termed as Saponification Process. 

Customize the base by adding natural exfoliants or colourants or fragrances as per your choice. The mixture of lye solution with fat along with your favourite fragrance must be carefully poured into moulds. After 24 hours of saponification, the mixture turns into a gel phase. Let it dry for another 24 hours before they are cut into individual bars of soap.  

The making of soap through the cold process method takes quite a long time compared to hot process soap making. This method allows the lye mixture to be neutralized without any outside sources of heat. It may take 4-6 weeks for the soap to cure. This allows saponification to finish completely and soap to dry. 

Be sure to use safety elements like hand gloves, goggles etc while making soap. Keep all ingredients on hand together before starting the process. Important tools like silicone moulds, digital scale, thermometer to measure temperature, knives, spoons, stainless steel or high-density plastic or glass containers and much more should be used that make your soap process easy to go.     

Reasons For Using The Cold Process Soap Making Method


Cold process Soap Making involves making soap through a cold process. This means it doesn’t involve a heating process. So this process requires very little energy. This doesn’t harm the environment which leads itself to an environment-friendly process. Cold process soap provides a more natural chemical reaction of lye and fat through curing treatment.


The cold process method requires time and patience to get the mixture cured by it. This doesn’t involve any activity to be conducted by us after the mixture is made ready. So, this proves to be an easy-to-go process that anybody can try. This is the reason why the cold process method is famous to be conducted at home.     


Cold Processed Soap acts as a moisturizing agent which is why they are termed ‘moisturizing bar’. As we all know the ingredients in the process are not heated which allows them to conserve their natural properties. The skin retains its moisture after having been washed which is the best advantage. This ultimately protects the skin even if we don’t use lotion after having a shower.  


The cold process method retains the original properties of ingredients. This allows us to get the benefit of ingredients. The home process allows using your convenience antibacterial herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano and others. These herbs are natural treatments for your body problems. It is the ideal method for preserving the benefits of plant-derived oil and butter.   

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One of the greatest advantages of the cold process method is it can be carried at home. This itself says that cold process soap is cost-effective. A simple, effective and less expensive soap can be made by using ingredients from your kitchen pantry or herbs from your home garden. 


Soap made through a cold process retains glycerin, which is necessary for skin-loving soap. Soap making is most effective for skin because it lathers therapeutic goodness. This is why it is considered to be skin soap.  


I hope the article gave perfect clarification regarding what is a cold process method and the reasons that the cold processed soap method provides benefits of its use. This is the best place to put your creative side. Follow the process, take precautionary measures and use your creativity to get your customized skin-loving soap.  

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