Crucial Things To Count For Buying Measuring Cups

Crucial Things To Count For Buying Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups are proven essential tools in every kitchen. It is the perfect tool when accuracy is required in a recipe. Particularly baking requires precise measurements if you want your recipe to work out while other recipes may work if there is a pinch of difference in the ingredients taken. 

The use of the measuring cup is wide, it is not only confined to the kitchen but it has many other usages like making soap, measuring liquid detergents and bleach for washing clothes, and much more. There are many choices available for measuring cups nowadays. Do consider the below-mentioned main things before you opt to buy any measuring cup. 

  • TYPES      

There are two main types of measuring cups which are classified on the basis of the type of ingredient. They are dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups. On basis of a particular type, measuring cups are designed. 


A dry Measuring Cup comes in the set. The set includes 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup. They usually come in plastic or metal and have a handle. Each cup comes with a specific measurement so as you level off the ingredient you want in that cup you will get an accurate measurement. They are being used to measure dry ingredients.


A liquid measuring cup comes in a single unit. They come in various capacities such as one-cup, two-cup, four-cup and even in large measuring cups with an eight-cup volume or more. These cups come in a pitcher-type shape with a spout for easy pouring. They usually come in glass or plastic material. They are being used to measure wet ingredients. 


Measuring cups are available in a variety of materials each has its own advantage. 


Stainless steel measuring cups are being used for dry ingredients. It is durable enough to last for a long time as steel doesn’t absorb odour. They can also resist stains and scratches. It gives accurate measurements as markings are easy-to-read. Stainless steel cups should be hand washed to retain their condition. Some examples are stainless steel pots and stainless steel bowls.   


Plastic measuring cups are being used for dry as well as wet ingredients. Over time plastic absorbs odour and stain and is also not heat resistant. While silicone-made plastic cups are heat resistant. They are dishwasher safe and light in weight. Some examples are plastic funnel pitchers, Plastic Pitcher, and plastic graduated pitchers.  


Glass measuring cups are being used for wet ingredients. They don’t absorb odor while it rarely stains. They are specially designed to handle hot liquids. Glass measuring cups are dishwasher as well as oven safe. Some examples are glass cups and glass containers.

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Steel and plastic measuring cups come with stackable facilities to save space. This makes it easy to fit them into the drawer. If you are having space issues then get a set of collapsible measuring cups.  

A Glass measuring cup provides you with a storage facility. The models come in single or multiple sets which even include a lid in it. This kind of measuring cup provides you space to mix up the entire recipe and cover that recipe to get it stored in it.  


Innovation makes every need easy. Nowadays, measuring cups come with more and more facilities. Some angled measuring cups possess a ring in an interior that doesn’t require you to bend down and check accurate measurement. 

While some measuring cups come with a lid that enables you to mix and store your recipe. Specifically, glass and plastic measuring cups come with a handle and spout that allows you to pour the mixture quickly.    

The more facility is attached to the measuring cup, the more it is easy to use and less time-consuming.    


Considering the above points will help you to make an accurate decision as to which measuring cups will fit best for your use. It is preferable to have dry and wet measuring cups both for your kitchen. It is advisable to buy a silicone-made plastic pitcher as it fits for all-purpose use.  

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