How to Pick Containers for Soapmaking

How to Pick Containers for Soapmaking?

Soap making is an easy-to-go process that deals with recipes to be followed. Choosing the correct container or bowl is a very important part of soap making. There are many things which you need to consider while choosing a mixing container.  

Be careful that aluminium containers should not be taken. When choosing any other material, you need to consider certain measures to make sure the mixture doesn’t react. 

Containers to Make Soap Mixture

There are different containers that can be used to make a soap mixture as per your personal preference. Choosing a container will also require certain measures to be taken into consideration. To make your work easy, choose a container which has a mark of measures in-built in it. 

Below are the various containers which can be used for preparing a soap mixture.

  • Rubbermaid Bowls

Rubbermaid bowls are just the perfect thing to be used for soap mixture. These bowls contain the capacity to hold 6.2 cups of soap recipes which is 1.4 liters. It also can be used for many other purposes as it has a lid with it, so it can be a very good container for storing. Do take care that the material used in it is code #5 which means it is made from polypropylene. 

  • Plastic Funnel Pitcher

A Plastic Funnel Pitcher is a fabulous tool to use. AppleTofu gives us an amazing funnel pitcher with a capacity of 1000ml (4 cups). The special feature of AppleTofu’s funnel pitcher is that it has a long pour spout. This spout makes it so easy that you can pour the container’s ingredients into anything. With versatile usage, the Plastic Funnel Pitcher is made of grade 5 PP plastic. 

  • Plastic Graduated Pitchers 

Plastic graduated pitchers come with a handle for controlled pouring. It has a special feature of a ‘V-shape Spout’ that enables clean and controlled pouring. AppleTofu provides us with this amazing pitcher which can be used in many ways. Its cylindrical large shape gives you the capacity of 1 liter. The best part is it is BPA-free, chemical resistant, Polypropylene plastic. 

  • Plastic Measuring Cups

Plastic Measuring Cups with handle grips are very useful content that can be used in many ways. AppleTofu provides 3-piece measuring cups set of 250ml (1 cup), 500ml (2 cup) and 1000ml (4 cup). This useful plastic cup is BPA-free with a spout in it. It becomes very useful as the measurements can be clearly seen and identifiable.  

Plastic Measuring Cups

  • Stainless Steel Pots

Like stainless steel bowls, stainless steel pots can also be a good choice for soap mixtures. When you are having a large quantity of soap to be made it is good to pick a container which can handle more quantities of the mixture. Being steel, be sure that it’s not a blend of steel and aluminium, only steel.  

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  • Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are the ones which are the safest in their pure form for soap mixture. Be careful that it is entirely stainless steel and not a blend of stainless steel and aluminium. 

  • Plastic Buckets

A plastic bucket is a very useful thing. Just like much other usefulness, one of its important uses is to make soap mixture. Its special feature is that the mixture doesn’t react due to plastic material.   

  • Glass Measuring Cups

Glass is something which is the best material for having a soap solution in it. Use the glass cups which have the marks of measurements on them, this will make your work easy. Glass containers should never be used for mixing a lye solution, not even Pyrex. 

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